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knitting away and….hibernating

i knit my nephew the very first sweater-vest ever! i refined my knitting with you tube of all things! 

Completing the project and sewing that last beautiful gold button on the charcoal blue sweater i got too excited and mailed it out. Thankfully i just remembered i DID take a pix of the little vest, so i’ll upload it as soon as i can.

For my younger baby nephew who just turned 2 i started knitting a reversible (thank you you tube for teaching me this)! sweater black and yellow with a few stripes so he can be the handsome bee once i get a matching tuque with itty-bitty antennae…


knitting is my favorite winter/cold weather past-time and i’ve been on a roll : )

it’s very meditational and relaxing. Especially now that i am swamped with a lot of paperwork and about to prepare helping out for Passover.

Looking forward to posting the lovely (i hope) photos, if anything the cool colors of the cashmere wools, and cashmere blends. 

so, several pix coming soon! 

in the meantime i’ll post 2 pix of my handsome nephews… ImageImageImage



Internet Sabbatical

hello friends,


i decided i will be taking an internet sabbatical for an unspecified amount of time. bc i am too much on the computer, i cannot exactly say how short this time will be. but i need to focus on some priorities in my life and enjoy the outdoors more. My absence may be as short as 1 day (LOL but that’s the way bad habits must be undone) to no more than a month (i highly doubt that, but i could surprise myself)

during this time i will be focusing on health, fitness, face to face friendships, meditation, solitude, introspection, walks in the great outdoors, medical continuing education, hobbies, short term goals, and long term goals.

i will resume then.