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Archive for February, 2013

Internet Sabbatical

hello friends,


i decided i will be taking an internet sabbatical for an unspecified amount of time. bc i am too much on the computer, i cannot exactly say how short this time will be. but i need to focus on some priorities in my life and enjoy the outdoors more. My absence may be as short as 1 day (LOL but that’s the way bad habits must be undone) to no more than a month (i highly doubt that, but i could surprise myself)

during this time i will be focusing on health, fitness, face to face friendships, meditation, solitude, introspection, walks in the great outdoors, medical continuing education, hobbies, short term goals, and long term goals.

i will resume then. 





winter knit & summer draw

for whatever reason i encountered a dry spell with drawing the great outdoors outside my place. 


so after having an “AH HA!” moment i’ve decided to knit and got on a roll. So, without further ado, i am going to make this blog a bi-seasonal tandem posting of knitting projects completed in the winter and the summer will be drawings. Fall and Spring will have a combo.


it will be a Vivaldi’s four seasons…i will focus on flowers as well during spring to add to the mood of rebirth and blossoming… and in the fall, i’ll add some intricacies w leaves, as i’ve seen some v pretty leaves. 


I hope you like the idea of variations on a common 2 themes – the art and the wool – hey maybe i’ll glue wool on my drawings to coalesce both themes ; ) 


here is only a snippet of what i did this morning… i have knitted a tahitian style bug (which is only partly shown and continued w a cool lizard. it’s hard to tell from the colors.. but it’s electric blue and electric pink…  methinks, why go dreary when it is winter? might as well use cheerful colors and knit interesting critters not found here much. 




do you like the idea? yay nay?


view through my bedroom window… : )  another gorgeous day ! (but cooooold)Image

it may look like a sweater for a hamster…but it is the beginning part of a headband. thought i’d start small… but i already am excited and feel like knitting touques,, socks, gloves, sweaters.. : ) maybe my next project will be to knit something cool for my 2 nephews with lizards and other cool stuff